Week 9 &10 – Lydian Segment

STELAR ShadedMaster those hi-tech Vai and Satriani type sounds with this lesson. More hammer-ons and pull-offs and sliding legato ideas! Combining “C shape” and “D shape” arpeggios. Ascending and descending on one string with fast picking. A group of 10 sequence for more fast picking, and more!

This chapter is based around C Lydian and E Minor and it’s chock full of cool stuff. Included are lots of phrasing ideas, some dovetail with previous chapters because the keys are similar. C Lydian contains the same notes as A Dorian and B Phrygian, so you should be able to “plug in” many of the earlier segment’s licks into this chapter easily. By this time you should have lots of new phrases, use ‘em here. Don’t forget about the Essential Classics! Have fun!

Fast, medium and slow jam tracks:

(Click links below to play the track, right-click or option click to downlaod the track.)

Lydian 150 bpm

Lydian 140 bpm

Lydian 130 bpm

Tab for all of the licks, etc. shown in videos: Chapter 5 Tab

About the progression and Scales (below).


Timing (below).


Expression (below).


Essential Classic Licks (below).


Full Shred 1 (below).


Full Shred 2 (below).

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    The 00:14-0:17 lick at Video 1 sounds great! :-) I’m trying to transcribe it by ear. I hope I get lucky. I haven’t checked the tab yet.


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