Week 7 & 8 – Straight 8ths Segment

STELAR ShadedA classic rock style every rock, metal and blues player should master. 12-Bar with a slow Slow Change, ala Johnny B. Goode. This version has a modern edge and the licks videos include a lot of hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and double stops all over the neck. Also three-note-per-string legato phrases and building alternate picking speed with few string crosses are included in the Full Shred videos. 

Try rocking over all three jam track speeds. Don’t forget about the Essential Classic licks, rock on!

 Jam Tracks:

(Click links below to play the track, right-click or option click to downlaod.)

Straight 8ths 160 bpm

Straight 8ths 150 bpm

Straight 8ths 140 bpm

All the tabs are on the one PDF below:

Tab: Straight 8th Blues

Overview and Scales (below).


Timing (below).


Expression (below)


Essential Classic Licks (below).


Hot Rock and Blues and Full Shred (below).


Straight Eighths Archive

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