Week 1 & 2 – Dorian Rock Segment

STELAR ShadedAll the ideas in this segment are centered around the Dorian sound along with Minor Pentatonic and the Blues scales. Dorian is a minor scale with a major sixth. The major sixth makes it not quite as dark sounding as the traditional natural minor and you hear this sound in rock, metal and blues all the time, from Van Halen to Santana.

There are six videos below: Scales, Timing, Expression and the three Licks videos. The Essential Classic licks are the easiest and most important! The tabs are included in the one PDF below.

Jam Tracks, for this chapter (below). Practice at all three tempos.

(Click links below to play, right click or option click to download.)

Dorian Jam Track 100 bpm

Dorian Jam Track 112 bpm

Dorian Jam Track 125 bpm

Here’s the PDF Tab: Dorian Sounds

Here’s the STELAR Scale booklet. (Same as the Shred Scale Glossary.)

Scales and overall description of the track (below).


Timing: phrasing and rhythmic groupings (below).


Expression, vibrato and feeling (below).


Essential Classic licks (below).

Hot Rock and Blues licks (Below)


Full Shred licks (Below)

  1. dillivered says:

    In the first video (@ 2:11) you mention the A Dorian is a minor scale with a major 6th. What is scale you are referring to, A major? In this case, A has 3 sharps…F#, C#, G# – so we see here the b3rd and b7th when comparing the A Dorian to A major…is this correct evaluating? or are you referring to the relative minor which has no #s or bs…(flats) I ask is because there is no mention of the relative minor scale in which case the G and C are naturals already. Thanks for any clarification…

    • phanson says:

      Thanks so much for the question, this kind of stuff was confusing for me for years, sorry, it’s math. I said “An A minor scale with a major 6″. An A minor scale has no sharps or flats. (It’s the same as C Major). So A Dorian is an A minor scale with sharp the sixth… F#, that’s all. Easier to see on a blackboard.

  2. lapsman says:


    Hi hope all is well. Not to be a bother, but is there any way you could tab out the entire Russ Parrish lick. In the video you say to refer to the tab, but it doesn’t show the entire lick. Thanks in advance.


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