Week 5 & 6 – Slow Blues Segment

STELAR ShadedBlues is the foundation of rock! Here we explore the “Slow 12-Bar with a Quick Change.” An example of a song built with this blues progression is Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House.”

These lessons revolve around this classic blues, but with a rock edge. You’ll learn Major and Minor Pentatonic scale switching, 6ths, double stops, modern-horizontal blues licks and Group of 9 arpeggios with sweep picking. Don’t forget about the Essential Classic licks and the Expression video.

Slow, Medium and Faster Jam Tracks for this chapter:

(Click links to play the jam track, right-click or option-click to download.)

Slow Blues 55 bpm

Slow Blues 62 bpm

Slow Blues 67 bpm

Here’s the Tab PDF: Slow Blues Tab

Scales and overview of the “12 bar” slow blues shuffle (below).


Timing (below).


Expression (below).


Essential Classic Licks (below).


Hot Rock and Blues Licks (below).


Blues Full Shred (below).

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