Week 3 & 4 – Phrygian Segment


STELAR ShadedYou hear these cool dark sounds from classic rock to modern metal. Check out Uli Roth’s “Sails of Charon” or Ritchie Blackmore’s Snake Charmer Scale on “Stargazer“. Check out Yngwie here showing E Phrygian, he’s unbelievable.

In the Full Shred video there are lessons to build your alternate picking speed and sweep picking, but don’t forget about Expression and the Essential Classic licks. Also explore other exotic scales including the Japanese Pentatonic and diminished arpeggios.

Try playing over all three different jam track speeds. There are six videos below, rock on! 

Jam Tracks for this segment:

(Click links below to play the track, right-click or option-click to download.)

Phrygian 105 bpm

Phrygian 95 bpm

Phrygian 85 bpm

Here’s the PDF Tab: Phrygian/Exotic Tab

Scales and overview (below).


Timing (below).


Expression (below).


Essential Classic Licks (below).


Full Shred Licks (below).


Exotic Licks (below).

Archive videos

  1. dillivered says:

    I just pulled out the Shred Guitar Book & CD – great material, and more backing tracks…A must have in my opinion!

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