Bonus Jam Tracks

I just wanted to use the V-Rex picture again (left), it’s so cool!.

The way to get better at anything is to do it. And do it a lot! And of course that applies to soloing.

Let’s say you solo an hour a day, you can’t help getting better at it! Of course, learning solos, songs, licks, exercises, scales, arpeggios etc. All are super important. But the act of soloing is where you apply that stuff. Come to think about it, I taught a class at Musicians Institute that I created, I called it “Applied Rock Improv”. The class evolved into my best selling book, Shred Guitar. (My editor said I needed “Shred” in there somewhere for a catchier title, I guess he was right).

I suggest collecting jam tracks in different keys and tempos to practice soloing over. So, here ya go. Eleven jams to add to your collection. The two Dorian jams are very alike but in rock: “eleven is always better than ten” (British accent).

Each jam is approximately three minutes long. The basic style, key and tempo are listed in the title. All eleven are designed with few changes so they are easy to jam over. Set your MP-3 player on repeat and rock on!

(To download jam tracks PC: right click on link; Mac: control click.)

 Rock E 99

Pop Dorian A 110

Rock B Phrygian B 106

Metal Slow Dmin 76

Metal Fast D 156

Major Groove A 84

Lydian Rock C 136

Early Rock 12-Bar Bb 145

Pop Dorian II A 112

Slow Blues A 167

8-Bar Blues G 81





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