Sweep Picking

SweepHere’s a video primer on sweep picking. This is a clear description of exactly how to sweep pick. If you’re having trouble, this is for you. Remember to start slow and master the motion with both hands coordinating before you pick up the pace.

This second video is for more experienced sweep pickers who have the technique down. It’s an overview of 3 different ways to play major and minor arpeggios.

  1. mowgli_ph says:

    this is my weak area, sweep picking. I’m relearning to do it because I never thought about picking and bumping to the next string (and I’m doing sweep picking for about 21 years but never really took off that much), its a conscious thing for me right now but I’m sure I can practice and make it second nature.

    I think picking and bumping to the next string makes my sweep picking tone more fuller.

    Small but important details really has a great significance :-) thanks for the eye opener Paul.

  2. mowgli_ph says:

    Hi Paul! love this lesson since day one! I always come back to this when I’m kind of stuck technically. I have a question though: What simple rock tunes did you apply this right hand sweep picking concept?

    I am thinking that I will apply this concept to a Scorpions tune like the intro and the plucking rhythm guitar to “Always Somewhere”, or to the melodic lead guitar intro to “Fly People Fly”, where you can just monitor the right hand movement and not pay so much attention to the left hand.

    I love to watch Malmsteen, Gambale, Jason Becker and YOU of course!! executing this technique seems so effortless.



  3. Guitar7man says:

    I have two students struggling with this technique…..this is going to help me help them…..I,m so glad I signed up for the course…thank you for all your help….I,ll spread the word.

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