Scale Glossary

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 6.58.34 AMHere are all the fingering patterns I could imagine a guitar player would ever need. I suggest getting a handle on some of the “traditional 5″ Major Scale patterns, and “Traditional 5″ Pentatonic scale patterns. If you have those under your fingers you could also focus on a couple of Harmonic and Melodic Minor patterns, and if you are into playing fast a couple “Three Note Per String” patterns .

The most useful patterns out of the traditional fives are the patterns with the roots on the low E string, and the root on the A string. Because it’s easy to see the roots on the Low E these patterns are easy to place in the right location.

Other notable scales to keep up your sleeve maybe the diminished arpeggio, whole tone scale and Japanese scale. Depending on your style the Gypsy Minor and other exotic ones might be worth a try also.

There are a lot of scales, I remember when I was young, for years I practiced five Harmonic Minor and five Melodic Minor scales. I have since forgotten most of these whole patterns, but I remember bits and pieces and the important notes. How you use scales is way more important than knowing a whole bunch of them!

Keep this glossary handy as a reference point. 

Scale Glossary

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