10 Minute Work Out

Are you wondering why the road picture on the left? It’s part of my jogging route. Regular exercise is awesome! Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 4.16.37 PMIf you watch sports players on the field before a game they are stretching, doing short sprints, calisthenics and warming up their muscles, you can do this on guitar too!

I have a great way to warm up like these guys, and at the same time give your hands the daily exercise they need. I used to do this on Monday mornings with my single-string class at GIT and it got all of us warmed up for the day. You can do this in 10 minutes but even better if you have time, repeat it for 20 minutes.

Part of the concept is to work the left hand until it’s tired, then let it recover while you work the right hand. Then go back to the left hand, back and forth for the time interval you have decided on. This may be boring because it’s not really playing, it’s a motor skills workout, you can do it while you watch TV, listen to talk radio, whatever. Think of it as exercising at the gym.

These are the main exercises but you can also create your own. Just make sure your hands get a workout!

Below is a workout video to exercise along with. When following along, think of it as being in the guitar gym.

Very important: you don’t have to match the speed on the video! If the speed on the video is too fast for you to to play in control, then slow down! Especially when doing the vibrato, make sure you are in control and you are playing even!


For practicing without the video, use the guidelines at my tips and tricks post.


  1. mowgli_ph says:

    These are pretty cool exercises Paul, I tried them and and I observed that it promotes control and stamina instead of wearing you out. Great stuff :-) thanks!

    • Paul H says:

      If you keep it up you’re fingers will be stronger than vice-grips. The only problem is when you hold your girlfriend or wife’s hand, she’ll scream in pain while you are totally relaxed. My wife won’t let me hold her hand because of this, especially interlocking fingers is painful for her . Thanks for subscribing!

  2. mowgli_ph says:

    lol, guess me and my wife are gonna watch out for that, even before she’s complaining that I grip her hand hard unconsciously especially when crossing roads here (most drivers here in our country have no respect for pedestrian lanes).

    really like this site, I have been practicing every free time I have. It’s really motivating and keeps me organized with the limited time I have for practice.

  3. mowgli_ph says:

    Paul is there a plan to get this lesson to a video here in the site? I would really like to see how you do these exercises, so I can tell if I’m doing it correctly.

    Also, how many minutes do you do each exercises? How do you divide your 20 minutes to these 5 exercises?

    Thanks :-)


  4. mowgli_ph says:

    Division of 20 minutes to these 6 exercises not only 5 :-)

    • Paul H says:

      Yes, a video is on the way, next month. Think of this like working out at the gym, you want to work out your muscles, but don’t injure yourself. You should be tired, you may wince a little bit like doing five extra push-ups or sit-ups when you’re tired. Each exercise is dependent on your ability as to how long you do each. I would start at 2 minutes per exercise alternating between right and left hand and then rotate back through. You could do this in 10-15 minutes and just cut back on the reps if that’s all you have time for.

  5. mowgli_ph says:

    Thanks Paul I will try your suggestions and wow! I will be looking forward to watching your 20 minute workout video soon :-)

  6. Edguitar13 says:

    Hi Paul,

    No worries on the Video, it was nice seeing you and your wife at the NAMM this year, I like the site very much and I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.


  7. phanson says:

    I decided a 10 minute workout will be easier for busy guitarists get to, so here it is. If you want 20 minutes just do this twice. Use it as warm up for gigs or daily practice to keep your basic muscles in shape or build power.

    This will give you a simple motor skills workout, once you get the hang of it you don’t need to think about it!

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