Lick O’ the Week #17 Two-Hand Tapping

LollyPop2I decided to put this big Tapping segment here in a “Licks O’ The Week”. There’s way more than a usual LOW, so feel free to peruse and choose the phrases for you.

I played all the licks in this lesson at the beginning of Video 1 over a jam track. The track is from the Improv section, Weeks 7 & 8, (Chapter 5), they are based in E minor and C Lydian. Below are links to those tracks. The phrases in the tab are the sam,e licks but based more around A Minor or A Dorian, so I included links to Weeks 1 & 2 Dorian jams too.

Metal Lydian 140 bpm

Metal Lydian 130 bpm

Dorian Jam Track 112 bpm

Dorian Jam Track 100 bpm

Tabs LOW 17

In Video 2, I cover a tricky concept. There are three locations within the Major scale that you can fit the Pentatonic scale, and all the notes are correct. Using this principle, in Natural Minor you can play the same Pentatonic shapes up a fourth and a fifth. And in Dorian, up a second and a fifth.

Since, in both popular minor rock scales, you can play the Pentatonic up a fifth, that’s what I focused on. This principle allows you to think the same Pentatonic shape for your right hand as your left hand. Below is the chart from the second video. As you can see, in A Dorian (G Major), the same Pentatonic pattern fits a fifth up, (seven frets).

Fyi: I didn’t mark it, but if you look closely below at the chart on the right. In addition to a fifth up, you could fit the lower pattern 2 frets up also, (a second). Three notes overlap but they are all correct. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.17.58 AM

Video 1 


Video 2 

  1. RoKh says:

    This is great, Paul! I think you’ve taught me bits and pieces of all of these licks before but I have not seen the material integrated in one solo quite as well as in this LOW. Sounds awesome!

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