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Unlike random YouTube videos, or those mega-lessons sites, this is a logical, progressive series of lessons designed to make you a better lead guitar player in just 10 weeks! You’ll get a step-by-step lesson guide to walk you through each section.

“This site is the best on the planet …hope they never take it offline” Steve D.

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“Wow – what a great week… my guitar playing has improved more over the last week than it has over the last year.” -Richard

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“This site is amazing! …this has what it takes to inspire and keep you headed towards your goal. Scale charts, jam tracks, video examples, & supporting documentation. I’ve paid way more… and got way less…sadly! I wish I’d found this site years ago! “ -R. B.

*You don’t need thousands of lessons to be a better lead player, you just need the right lessons! ShredGuitarOnline’s groundbreaking 10-week course is based on a Musicians Institute class I created called Applied Rock Improvisation and later my best selling book Shred Guitar. This material is based on my STELAR system. Scales, Timing, Expression, Licks, Apply & Repeat.

Each week I’ll guide you through lessons on improvisation and harmony and theory (H&T). The H&T section is designed for guitarists. Every lesson includes multiple videos, with detailed explanations, PDFs with tabs, jam tracks at different speeds and an extensive phrase vocabulary. The material is designed so that after completing the 10 weeks you can use it over and over as an ongoing resource. There’s enough material here to keep you growing your skill and vocabulary for years.

As an added bonus in addition to the 10-week course I’ve included a section I call Power Tools (a custom technique builder.) That’s not all, buy purchasing the complete course you’ll have access to a continuing and building series of Classic Rock Solos and my exclusive Licks O’ the Week!

* Do you see yourself on stage playing like your heroes but need a system to get you there?

“I Really like this site, I’ve been practicing all the free time I have. It’s really motivating and keeps me organized with the limited time I have to practice. Small but important details really have great significance. Thanks for the eye opener Paul.” -Mogli

“Glad I found these lessons. They have been very good and well organized. You’re a great teacher!!” -Duncan

An audio message from Paul:


Take your playing to the next level!

  • Improve sweep picking, legato and alternate pick faster and cleaner.
  • Improvise over almost any rock rhythm track.
  • Develop a smooth vibrato.
  • Expand your soloing vocabulary.
  • Get a grip on Harmony & Theory.
  • Over 75 video lessons.
  • Hundred’s of pages of PDF tabs and written material to go with each lesson.
  • As a bonus, I’m including a full Classic Solos section, teaching some of the all time greatest classic rock solos for you. Complete with videos, tabs and a note by note breakdown!
  • Jam tracks for the Classic Solos and Improv sections. Each track has at 2 different speeds.
  • Licks O’ the Week section, great phrase ideas that I’ve picked up from my years of hanging out with some of the best guitarists in the world.
  • Get my e-Book, Power Tools (An insider’s guide to left and right hand technique). This book includes an in-depth analysis of left and right hand positions and techniques for rock and metal guitarists.

I guarantee you’ll become a better lead guitar player. If your not happy with the lessons and other content, just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I will refund 100% of your money.

More about this STELAR system concept which the Improv section is based. Click the STELAR link for more info on all aspects of the site.

I’ve developed this method for you from all my years as:

  • 15-year teaching veteran of Musician’s Institute (“MI”) in Hollywood, CA.
  • Director of the Rock Guitar department and author of curriculum for the American Institute of Music (“AIM”) in Vienna, Austria.
  • Guitar coach to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, previous students include Grammy and Emmy award winners and some of the biggest names in show business!
  • Thousands of private lessons, classes and clinics.
  • For more info about me, Paul Hanson Click Here

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