Whole Lotta Love Solo

Jimmy Page’s signature breakdown solo from Whole Lotta Love explained.

This is a great example of Page controlling the length of his notes. Many notes here are very short and staccato, which contrasts against the longer held notes and bends. Controlling the length of a note is very important in classic rock and blues phrasing. 

Also notable on this, like the Communication Breakdown solo, Jimmy used his wah pedal all the way in the forward position for a treble boost. The guitar was most likely the Les Paul Jimmy got from Joe Walsh, his amp likely, was his Supro combo with 1×12.

Solo Tab: Lotta Tab

(To download jam tracks below, PC: right click on link; Mac: control click.)

Lotta Love Fast 

Lotta Love Slow

The first video is a demonstration of the solo at regular speed and then slower.

The second video is the complete breakdown with close-ups. Good Luck!

Whole Lotta Love – Fast & Slow:


Whole Lotta Love – Breakdown:

  1. Steve says:

    No doubt a classick! Thanks Paul! …those classic licks made us pick up the guitar?!

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