Another epic solo by David Gilmour. This is one of those solos you’ve heard on classic rock radio so many times it’s become part of the landscape.

It’s slow and winding, with lots of bends and long notes with vibrato. It incorporates a lot of essential, classic rock vocabulary, which makes it a great one to learn if you are just starting out on lead guitar. 

Most of the timing is straightforward and you should be able to get it just by playing along with the slow and fast versions in the first video. But, there are a few spots where notes are played in unusual places. For example, the first bend starts on the first sixteenth note after the fourth beat. 

As a well rounded player it’ll help to be able to sub-divide the bar so you know exactly where to play a note without guessing. It may take a bit of practice but I recommend counting: 1-e-and-a 2-e-and-a 3-e-and-a 4-e-and-a etc. This will help you place the notes in the correct spot. Counting while you are playing can be a bit of a challenge but it is an extremely valuable tool. 

In the tablature, for those tough notes, I’ve included where to play the notes while counting. Take your time, it’s a long solo!

Time Tabs

Jam Tracks :

Time Jam Track Full Speed      

Time Jam Track Slower

(To download above tracks PC: right click, Mac: control click.)

Video 1: Time Solo full speed and slow versions.


Video 2: Time Solo, breakdown description.

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