Sunshine of Your Love

Here’s Eric Clapton’s solo from this 1967 Cream classic explained. (To download jam tracks and tabs, PC: right click on link; Mac: control click.)

Sunshine of Your Love Tab: Sunshine Tabs

Sunshine Full Speed

Sunshine Slow

In this solo Clapton uses classic blues phrasing, his licks rarely start on the first beat of a bar! Most of the licks start on the “and” of one, an eighth note behind the first beat! Be sure to learn the rhythm on this one.

If you can adapt some of this phrasing style into your playing, it’ll help you sound like an authentic blues and classic rock player! Also there are some just plain great licks here, be sure to borrow a few and add ‘em to your vocabulary.

Btw, like most Clapton solos this is not fast, so its great for learning how to play a slow solo. Something that can separate you from all those fast players out there today : ). Also there are some great minor to major pentatonic scale switches, a very cool part of that classic rock sound! Enjoy!

Sunshine – Fast & Slow: Solos/SunshineLoveVid1_2.mp4


Sunshine – Breakdown 1:


Sunshine – Breakdown 2:

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