Purple Haze

Here are the main parts from Jimi’s psychedelic epic.

Although many think the song title is about LSD, I always thought it was in reference to Jimi’s paratrooping days in the Army. Jumping out of a plane with purple smoke all around, “don’t know if I’m up or down”, “excuse me while I kiss the sky” etc…

From Wikipedia: Jimi said the song was in reference to a sci-fi story “Night of Light” by Philip Jose Farmer. In it, “purple haze” is used to describe the disorienting effect of sunspot activity on the inhabitants of a planet called Dante’s Joy. Jimi also said the song was love song, with the key lyric: ” whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me”.

Tab: Purple Haze


  1. robertff says:

    you pretty well nailed the tone Paul!

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