Heartbreaker (Jimmy Page)

Jimmy Page’s groundbreaking, unaccompanied guitar solo from the Led Zeppelin II album explained note for note. Jimmy played this really fast but here I explain it slow and easy, piece by piece.

Remember Paul Gilbert’s “Pizza Theory,” pretty sure he wrote about it in a column, I hope he doesn’t mind me paraphrasing: “Learn guitar like you eat pizza, in manageable bites, and slices. Jamming the whole pizza in your mouth just doesn’t work.”  

Feel free to take a month or longer to learn this one. And learn only one section, or one slice at a time!

Heartbreaker Tab: Heartbreaker

The first video has close-ups of the solo at regular speed and a slower speed.

The second and third videos breakdown and describe the solo with close-ups. Rock On!!

Heartbreaker – Fast & Slow:


Heartbreaker Breakdown Part 1:


Heartbreaker Breakdown Part 2:

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