Since Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption” is pretty complicated, I’ve broken it down into three separate sections. In the Intro video I play it at full speed and then slow. The following videos correspond to the three sections.

The tablature is here for all 3 sections, so be sure to download that first so you can follow along.

Eruption Tab: Eruption Solo

Eruption Intro Video:

Section 1 Video:

Section 2 Video:

Section 3 Video:

  1. jimu71 says:

    Hey Paul nice videos! I finally am going to learn this classic Eddie tune!

    thanks again!

    by the way…… is that Mt. Rainier? I think it is. I only live about an hour away myself.

    This is a bitchin’ website!

    • Paul H says:

      Yes, Mt. Rainier, it’s basically in my back yard. But I have a place in Seattle too. Glad you are enjoying the lessons. BTW, we see these disasters on the news like Japan’s earthquake, tornados, just hope the mountain the beer is named after stays cool for awhile longer.

  2. Mauro Samuel says:

    Great site Paul, you’re a great musician and an awesome teacher, I’m glad I found your site.
    Congratulations from Brasil.

    • phanson says:

      Thx Mauro!!
      I have a friend from your country Rafael Moriera, he’s an amazing guitar player! He has a couple solo albums out, but check out “Magnetico” his trio… you Brazil guys rock!
      Also there are some beautiful girls down there!

  3. peppino says:

    Hi Paul i’m Giuseppe from Italy. I love your website and i’m learning a lot about the guitar. I’ ve bought also your book Shred Guitar.

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