Pizza or Sushi, Your choice…

Posted: March 4, 2010 by Paul H in Tips & Tricks

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.09.29 AMIf my last post about Juggling didn’t work for you, check this one out.

Pretty sure my old GIT colleague, Paul Gilbert came up with this analogy or theory.  Btw Paul used pizza in his theory, but I like sushi so much I am using sushi in my theory. 

Learning is like eating sushi. You can’t fit this whole plate of sushi (left) in your mouth at once. What do you do? You eat one piece at a time. It’s the same with learning, don’t stuff way too much material into your brain. Take manageable bites. The amount is different for everybody, we all have different mouths and brains.

Your mission is to find out what’s manageable for you. So go practice guitar, then eat your favorite food!

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