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Posted: December 12, 2013 by phanson in Tips & Tricks

LollyPop2Rapid Fire Pentatonic Licks!

The Pentatonic scale is truly a gem because it works well in so many rock, blues and metal situations. For example, Minor Pentatonic sounds great over both Natural Minor and Dorian type progressions. If you choke the minor third a bit it’ll even rock over Mixolydian and Dominant type progressions. 

Here’s a free “Essential Classic” Lick O’ the Week for you from It’ll give you three cool ways to move through Pentatonic fingering patterns!

Click Here for Rapid Fire!

(Btw, If the theory stuff goes over your head, being a full member of gives you about twenty guitar-centric Harmony and Theory chapters to clear all this up.) Below is the Pentatonic page from the ShredGuitarOnline Scale Glossary.

SG_P2Pent copy

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