Legato for Speed VI

Posted: November 26, 2013 by phanson in Tips & Tricks

64th notes smallHere’s another Legato for Speed, number six! Ascending across the neck, it’s got more hammer-ons and pull-offs than you can shake a stick at. I mistakenly say this is A Blues, I was thinking A Blues but it’s really A Dorian. I just included the flat five, Eb, 4th fret on the B string. That’s the blues note. You could also use this in E minor, just plug it in wherever it works.

A note about the picking. Although there is not much picking, I use mostly economy picking. I don’t really cover it in the video, it just works for me. By all means pick however feels comfortable and works best to you. (I include my economy picking in the tab if you are interested).

As in my other Legato for Speed posts this may be easy or hard for you. I always suggest adjusting material into small manageable sections. Go ahead and disregard parts and incorporate whatever fits your style. Rock on! 

Legato for Speed VI Tab

  1. peppino says:

    Hi Paul,do you use 09, 08, or 010 strings?

  2. peppino says:

    Hello Paul do you use 09, 08, or 010 strings?

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