Legato for Speed IV

Posted: August 5, 2013 by phanson in Tips & Tricks

64th notes smallHere’s another installment of “Legato for Speed”, those awesome hammer-ons and pull-offs. Like the first installment these are phrases that work out to be one bar of even16th notes each. They work very well along with the licks from the second installment, Legato for Speed II. Rock On!

Legato for Speed IV Tab

  1. RoKh says:

    Your playing is awesome, obviously, but man I love that Flying V! :) Any chance you’ll teach again in Seattle area?

  2. RoKh says:

    Yes, that’s me. Thanks for the complements! :) Miss our lessons as well but concentrating on voice studies for now — even put guitar aside for a few weeks recently but getting back into it last couple of days.

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