A Metronome App?

Posted: July 25, 2013 by phanson in Tips & Tricks

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.01.48 AMFollowing up on my last post, I told you I’d test a few metronome apps and let you know if I think an app for your phone could replace a handheld metronome. (I have an iPhone so I focused on IOS type apps.) Of the free ones I tested, I like Dan Soper’s “Tap Metronome“. His free version worked so well I decided to pony up the buck and download his Plus version too. The Plus adds different sounds for the click and if you want it’ll make your phone do a visual flash. Either the free version or Plus, both are good.

Regarding the other free metronome apps I tested, some had visually pretty wood and pendulums that looked cool. One app stopped every few minutes to display an ad, I deleted that one right away. The main problem with the other apps, is that their clicks were not loud enough to get above my guitar, even with my guitar at a low volume through a small practice amp. 

One reason “Tap Metronome” is louder is that it plays a beep instead of a click. (The beep is the first choice on the Plus version.) I admit the beep is annoying, but the beep’s advantage is that it’s at a frequency range above your guitar, so it does not compete with your guitar sound. Also a smart phone’s tiny speakers shine at playing real high beeps. 

“Tap Metronome” does not seem to be a battery hog, after practicing with it for an hour, my iPhone battery went down about 15%. Something else I like about “Tap Metronome”, is the interface works like your iPhone’s timer. A couple of selection wheels, one for how many beats per bar, and one for tempo. It also has a tap button so you can tap in a tempo, very important for checking the speed of a recorded song! 

All in all I would say the “Tap Metronome” is pretty darn good and it goes with you wherever you take your phone! There may be other apps as good, there are a bunch out there, but this one rocks. The picture here is a screen shot from my iPhone at the App store. I’ll keep my handheld metronome for the time being but I think this might replace it…


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