Legato for Speed II

Posted: May 30, 2013 by phanson in Tips & Tricks

64th notes smallHere are some more phrases and runs designed for speed by combining hammer-ons and pull-offs along with picking. Often fast legato licks have very few picks, sometimes only picking when changing strings. In the first two licks here though, I added some extra picks for a more aggressive sound. 

In addition the rhythm of these first two licks are each, a bar of 16th notes. Very handy when plugging them into a solo. I also included some “floating rhythm” phrases, just play those as fast as you want. Here’s a link to a “Tips and Tricks” post explains this whole floating concept. Floating

Legato for Speed II Tabs

  1. Fairylefaye says:

    Thank you!! This is great. Are you using a pedal for your distortion? Your tone is so nice.

    • phanson says:

      Hi Fairylefaye, that was a Roland VG-99, no amp. I didn’t use any guitar models just plugged in with my regular pickup and used an amp model and an overdrive model. Just checked and it was a vitual “Modern Stack (JCM-800)” and a “Tube Screamer” with some delay and ‘verb.

      The VG-99 in my opinion is the best sounding device anybody has made. Some of my friends also think the Boss GT-Pro sounds good too. I interviewed Andy Summers for a podcast and he says he has a studio full of amps and he ends up using the bloody VG-99, Edition 30:

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