Excerpts from the Layla Lesson (Classic Solos Section)

Posted: November 21, 2012 by Paul H in Tips & Tricks
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This page is just a slice of what’s available to you if you sign up for Shred Yearly. Over 70 more videos including more solos, harmony and theory, STELAR, Licks of the Week and more! All lessons come with tabs and many with jam tracks!

Along with what’s on this page, as a full subscriber you’ll get another video describing how to play Layla lick by lick, what notes to vibrato, rhythm parts and more…


(To download jam tracks PC: right click on links. Mac: control click.)

Layla Tab: Layla Tab

Layla Jam Track (Slow): Listen online   or download Layla Slow

Layla Jam Track (Fast): Listen online  or download Layla Fast

I have split this into two videos.

This video is a demonstration of the solo at regular speed and then at the slow speed.

Layla – Fast & Slow:


  1. Sloflo says:

    Sorry I don’t see the second video for Layla???

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