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I’ll get to Geronimo on the left in a minute. I’m just finishing mixing my new album Mindscanner. The first song is called Avy Blower. Although the album is instrumental, I added some chants on this tune about blowing stuff up. The song’s about a ski patroller I know, Chris Talbot. In the early dawn after a big snow, Chris and other pro-patrollers carry backpacks filled with dynamite. Then they ski around blowing up areas that are avalanch prone. Chris also carries drugs for first aid. Po-patrol is the only gig I know of that lets you blow things up and carry drugs too.

Back to my point, the song’s intro was based on a real cool pull-off idea that I got from shredder, Joey Taffola. The problem was when I added the drums, I liked the intro better without the pull-off lick. So while mixing yesterday, I deciding to edit the lick out and leave just the big sounding drums.

The drummer is Mike Snyder, who has a masters degree in percussion and has played on tons of albums, TV shows and movies. He calls this his Native American beat. I thought Geronimo looked so cool in this picture I had to include him and give a hats off to the American Indians for this cool beat. Check out the beat with my lick:

Here’s the beat without the guitar lick, this is the version that’ll be on the record, I also added some vocal chants:

Which do you like? There’s so dang much guitar on the album I didn’t need to have an ego here, I just dug Mike’s beat more by itself. Since this lick is not on the album, I thought I’d tab it out and post it for you here. It’s in A minor and A Blues and it’s an interesting concept, maybe you can make better use of it:

“Big Pull-Off Lick”

I guess I have two morals to this story. First, the song is the most important thing, music is all about what makes the song better. Second, my old band mate, Tim Bogert, a legendary bassist, who has played with everybody from Jeff Beck to Jimi Hendrix, once told me something very wise. He said “good musicians around you make you sound better.” It’s so true. So surround yourself with great players and let them shine, then you’ll shine brighter.

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  1. Bill Mc says:

    Hi Paul, I think you made a wise decision to go without the lick. Sometimes, less is more. Very cool! Also want to thank you for the demo Thursday evening. Made me start thinking about other options for amplification.

    Thanks, Bill

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