Rock N Roll Hero

Posted: August 29, 2010 by Paul H in Tips & Tricks

The next time you are in a crowded club, remember this:

This story came to mind when I went the Michael Shenker concert with my wife a few weeks ago. It was in a small dingy club south of downtown Seattle in a very industrial area. The club wasn’t super crowded, but there were enough people there to make it difficult to move around once the music started.

I immediately thought about a guy I had met in the Spring when I was in Massachusets touring with the Rockin’ Roland Band. I was talking to him and noticed his burn scars. I asked about them and he told me the story of how he was thrown out a window during the club disaster that killed 100 people at “The Station” in Rhode Island on Feb. of 2003. It happened during a “Great White” concert.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 3.15.07 PM“Great White’s” pirotechnics ignited the sound proofing insulation above and around the stage. Within seconds, the whole place was ablaze. People couldn’t escape because of the lack of exits. This guy told me that a bouncer picked him up and threw him through a window. He was left with scars from the burns and glass cuts, but he was alive. The bouncer, sadly, did not escape, he gave his life to save others. A true Rock N’ Roll hero.

So, while at the club in Seattle, my wife and I made sure to position ourselves near an exit door, just in case. It happened to be pretty handy, because we were on Michael’s side of the stage and had a great view of that perfect vibrato. If you’ve never checked out how he vibratos, watch some videos on You Tube, it’s pretty amazing and… keep your eye on the exits.

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