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This material was designed by trial and error of teaching thousands of guitarists for over 15 years at Musicians Institute (GIT) in Hollywood, and the AIM School of Music in Vienna Austria. The goal was to help guitarists build their improvisation and soloing skills and perfect their style. The concept revolves around two main sections: Improvisation (Improv) and Harmony & Theory. These two sections are divided into a ten-week schedule. You can choose to follow the ten-week schedule or take it at your own rate and own tempo. You are your own best teacher, trust your instincts.

Each of the five Improv Sections feature approximately four videos, several pages of tabs and three jam tracks at different tempos. This is based an a concept I now call STELAR. Scales, Timing, Expression, Licks, Apply & Repeat.

Each Improv Section features a different type of Rock, Metal and Blues soloing. STELAR has six focuses:

Scale choices are identified. The chords and harmony of the track determine the basic outline of sounds you can use to color your solos. Within that framework different scales, modes and arpeggios are covered.

Timing, different rhythmic groupings work over each tempo. Quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets etc. Simple to more difficult rhythmic types are covered. 

Expression, for example vibrato in different rhythmic groupings. Eighth notes, triplets, etc. are suggested to find the rhythmic grouping that challenges your vibrato skill. Practicing only vibrato is suggested several times over the selected jam track using every finger.

Licks. The biggest part of the improv section. In each chapter a large number of phrases are featured along with complete video descriptions and tabs. The large number of licks is because some of the phrases may or may not suit your level and style. You’ll have many to pick and choose from. They range from simple, essential classics to more complex vocabulary. There are phrases for intermediate players up to pros, metal to blues to classic rock! 

Apply, each chapter includes the three jam tracks. All three are the same but at different tempos, slow, medium and fast. Each day at least five days a week you apply Scales, Timing and Licks over the tracks, at least a half hour a day to build your soloing skills.

Repeat, set the jam tracks on repeat and solo straight for at least a half hour repeating daily. I suggest keeping a log or list of the phrases you are working on applying. Repetition is the mother of all skill!

Harmony and Theory goes from Major Scale construction up through modes, chord construction and how to use Harmonic Minor. Seventeen chapters are included to fill in all the missing holes in your knowledge. The matirial is taught specifically from a Rock/metal/blues soloist’s perspective. Each chapter includes a video, written material and exercises to solidify your understanding. 

You’ll become a pro at Harm and Theory. I break it down and make it simple and is designed strictly for guitarists… it’s not like taking a music class at the local college. You’ll get familiar with the language that Hollywood, Nashville pro musicians use to communicate.

Reading music is handy but you don’t have to read music for this guitar-centric material!

Included is a Power Tools section devoted to honing your technical skills. Alternate picking, vibrato, legato, sweep picking, hand strength etc…

Some of the best Classic solos are taught with fast and slow video versions and complete video breakdowns. Downloadable PDF Tabs along with downloadable jam tracks at different speeds are provided. More solos are being added all the time. This section is included because there’s nothing better than learning exactly what the masters did. Always working on a classic solo is recommended.

Last I added a Lick of the Week. Twenty two of these are posted with tabs and video breakdowns. Feel free and browse through to find ones that work with your style. More are being posted all the time.

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