Skype Lessons


Now available private one-on-one Skype video lessons. You don’t have to be a subscriber.

Click Here to send me an email to set up a time.

Cost: $50 to try out one 50 minute lesson. Then $200 for 4 weeks.

Lessons includes Tabs and jam tracks.

  1. dillivered says:

    Hi SGO:

    I’d like to do a lesson (rhythm clinic) on metronming and practicing –

    I don’t have skype and I wouldn’t need to do a web cam style lesson… I’d consider just a phone call (I can call, I have unlimited long distance) If I can get even an audio style lecture and a PDF of basic rhythms and sequences
    to aid me in practicing scales and arpeggios that’s is what I’m thinking about.

    Or I could send you a pay pal payment and you could “record” an mp3 audio file and pdf of a primer on the above :)

    Steve Dill

    Thanks for your serious consideration!

  2. Steve says:

    Update: I am finding the power tools helpful too, so if you’re not up for the request above, feel no obligation to schedule a lesson.


  3. Steve says:

    I picked up your book on Shred Guitar, The MI book ENCYCLOPEDIA OF READING RHYTHMS – GARY HESS – I’ll be set!
    Too bad you didn’t offer these through your site, they’d be a great resource.


    Steve Dill
    Titus 2:13,14

  4. lapinmort says:

    I am a guitar rookie, and have been taking lessons with Paul Hanson for about a month and two weeks now, and although the lessons on this website help a lot, nothing beat the one on one sessions.
    In fact I am now able to play solos that sound good and have a direction, instead of being a bunch of uncoordinated noises. Paul approach allows me to develop an individual style and avoid pitfalls.
    As far as improvements go, after the first two sessions, my wife has stopped telling me to shut down my amp after 15 minutes. You may find that funny, but that’s saying something.

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