Week 1 & 2 – Dorian Rock Segment

STELAR ShadedAll the ideas in this segment are centered around the Dorian sound along with Minor Pentatonic and the Blues scales. Dorian is a minor scale 

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  1. dillivered says:

    In the first video (@ 2:11) you mention the A Dorian is a minor scale with a major 6th. What is scale you are referring to, A major? In this case, A has 3 sharps…F#, C#, G# – so we see here the b3rd and b7th when comparing the A Dorian to A major…is this correct evaluating? or are you referring to the relative minor which has no #s or bs…(flats) I ask is because there is no mention of the relative minor scale in which case the G and C are naturals already. Thanks for any clarification…

    • phanson says:

      Thanks so much for the question, this kind of stuff was confusing for me for years, sorry, it’s math. I said “An A minor scale with a major 6″. An A minor scale has no sharps or flats. (It’s the same as C Major). So A Dorian is an A minor scale with sharp the sixth… F#, that’s all. Easier to see on a blackboard.

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