Lick O’ The Week #2

LollyPop2Sweeping and sliding through the three minor arpeggios in a key! In this case: E Minor, A Minor and B Minor… all from the key

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  1. rbarber says:

    Hey Paul, you’re tuned down half a step in this video, right?



    • phanson says:

      Wow Richard, you’re right, I remember I did that video when I recorded monthly examples for Boss and Guitar World. As I recall I had different guitars at different tunings, that green one, I kept a half step down. I completely missed this, probably because it was cold outside I didn’t notice!! I just added a note at the top of the page. Thx!!!!

  2. lapsman says:


    Sorry again for the bother, but could you explain how you hit the high harmonic at the end. I just can’t get it. Do you rock the bar first or touch over the third fret? Thanks again.


    • phanson says:

      Okay, I slightly touch the G string at the third fret while I slightly bounce the bar. Then dive bomb down. You’ll need some gain or distortion or it wan’t come out.

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