Amp Distortion vs. Pedal Distortion

Posted: March 24, 2011 by phanson in Tips & Tricks
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I received this question:

I was just wondering… what are your favorite distortion pedals? Also do you like to keep your amps clean and use

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  1. bingefeller says:

    Hey Paul,

    Good topic, I remember asking you about this a while back. :-)

    I am definitely a pedals into a clean amp player. I actually set up a few Boss pedals and currently I’m playing into a CS-3 Compressor – SD-1 Super Overdrive – OD3-Overdrive – DD-3 Delay. I use the compressor for clean sounds and all my main overdrive comes from the OD-3, which I sometimes boost with the SD-1 for leads or a heavy rock rhythm sound. My amp is a Cornell Romany, which is basically a Fender Tweed, and it only has a master volume so it gets loud before it starts to overdrive. :-)

    I really liked the tone of your 5150 with no pedals, there was very little difference between the 5150′s gain and the DS-1 being used for the main gain.


  2. For me it is a matter of personal choice. A lot of factors play into how I set my tones and what I use for them. Ill first list the tools. Guitars; Ibanez JS 1200, Jackson Kelly 3, Yamaha CPX 5 (acoustic), Kort (acoustic)
    Pedals/stomp boxes: Boss GT 6, Guitar rig 4, Amplitube X-Gear, Roland G 20 (guitar synth).
    I use any of these units individually or in tandem to arrive at my required tones. Personally, my fav of the lot are Guitar rig 4 and Amplitube X-gear. They have in built amp simulators which are incredible if one knows how to calibrate them. When I record guitars I use Guitar Rig 4 mainly and Amplitube second. The kind of guitar used is an important factor though. I mainly use the Ibanez JS 1200 and I cannot being to tell you how good it is. All in all, for me, the best set up is when using Guitar rig, Amplitube and the Roland synth connected. The possibilities are almost infinite.

    • phanson says:

      Hey Brian,

      I created some presets for the Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 guys, the software, you mention above. I fell in love with this program myself! The interface is so easy and it’ll transform a mild and meek computer into a tone beast! BTW, GR-4 needs a fairly new computer with plenty of ram. If you have a Mac, be sure to turn airport off when running GR-4! I hope to work with Native Instruments in the future!!

      Paul H

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