The Ear of the Beholder

Posted: February 26, 2011 by phanson in Tips & Tricks

Hi Paul,

I’ve recently subscribed to your online lessons, and they are going great! ┬áThe information is clear and easy to follow and I’m

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  1. bingefeller says:

    Great stuff as always, Paul!


  2. Tejashwi says:

    I’m from KTM Nepal, Infact My Cousin was your student in Git Cal. U used 2 call him Micky (he told Me).Since then I’ve been listioning your riff with my Brother.I still have your CD (eg with Dorian Mode)….I m your Fan & will Be For ever….Keep Rockin !!!

    • phanson says:

      Hi Tejashwi, thanks so much! Micky from Nepal? I’m trying to remember, was he a really good horse rider?? Did Micky’s family ride horses standing on the horeses backs at shows??
      Katmandu’s Motto: My legacy, my pride, my Kathmandu…I’d love to visit your city someday , so much history. All the best!!!

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