Delayed Gratification

Posted: December 14, 2010 by Paul H in Tips & Tricks
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I’m continuing this topic from my last post because there is so much to say about delay. By the way, nowadays most guitar players use

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  1. Scott DeFriez says:

    Very good article Paul. I’m still useing my old EP-3 echoplex’s, 4 of them….LOL! A former student of yours!

    Scott DeFriez

    • Paul H says:

      Hi Scott, great to hear from you. You’re still in the dark ages dude. You know my wife put my echoplexes out during a garage sale when I was on the road. Fortunately, nobody in my neighborhood had seen one before so they didn’t know what they were. Bottom line, I did eventually sell them and I use lots of gear that sound just as good. Check out the Boss RE-20 space echo pedal.

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