Jeff Beck

Posted: August 3, 2010 by Paul H in Tips & Tricks

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.00.36 PMI had the good fortune to go to Chicago for the Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival for Boss. As I was busy showing pedals and

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  1. Chris says:

    Very cool post, keep them coming

  2. I had no idea that Jeff Beck did not play with a pick at all. I wonder if he used only his thumb back in the “Yardbirds” days.

    • Paul H says:

      I don’t know exactly when he switched, but a friend of mine, Steve Lynch has one of Jeff’s “Herco” heavy picks that Jeff gave him sometime in the ’70′s. The thing for me about Jeff Beck is he shows that you don’t have to play super fast to be great. You just have to play great and put emotion in your playing.

    • Rodolp says:

      I guess Jeff Beck left the pick on early 80′s. I readed that in a magazine, under a complete explanation about the requirements of a techniques to hit a string while need to manipulate the volume control and whammy bar at the same time. All of that was developed by Jeff. And that is exactly what you can see in this video! So… I think that version goes on the right direction. A great post, many thanks.

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